Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hardluck Asthma

Any one who's followed my shareposts on, or my respiratory thearpy cave blog, knows that I have asthma. I'm going to continue doing both of those, yet I wanted a place where I could give asthma the full attention it deserves.

When I originally came up with the idea of starting a blog back in 2007 I wanted to start an asthma blog, yet I wasn't too keen on the idea of writing about myself. So that's why I created the RT Cave. Although, on occasion I did write about my own asthma, I still hated it.

That was until I was recruited to write for MyAsthmaCentral. The editors at this website wanted me to write about asthma, and I took up the challenge. Yet, the goal for me was "not to write like every other writer."

I was to write about what it's like to live with asthma. I was supposed to write asthma humor, if that's possible. Yet, when you live long enough with something, you eventually learn how to find humor in it, which I did here. In fact, I even wrote a list once about the benefits of having asthma.

Believe it or not, I actually got some hate email for that one. "How can you find something good in something as bad as asthma?" one emailer wrote.

Then word got out to my editor that I spent six months at an asthma hospital, and she wanted me to share my experience. So, I sent for all my medical records, pulled old letters and diaries from dusty scrapbooks, and (an asthma attack later), I wrote a novel about my asthma experiences. Well, needless to say, a novel is way too long for a sharepost, so that idea was scrapped.

Instead, I have been putting my asthma experience on my respiratory therapy cave blog, yet I really don't think my fellow respiratory therapists care much for my asthma experiences. Well, I'm sure they care, but that's not what that blog is all about.

Thus, after a lot of thought, I decided to create Hardluck Asthma. While I might write some in depth stuff here, this is going to be more of my spontaneous asthma blog. If I'm having a bad asthma day, or a neat asthma experience, this is my place to share it.

Like Breathin Stephen, Kerri, and all the other asthma bloggers out and about (here's a list of asthma bloggers), I spent most of my life wondering if there was anyone else who has asthma as bad as myself.

When I was 25 I met Sammy, who was a fellow respiratory therapy student. I soon learned she had asthma as bad as me, and was even a bronchodilatoraholic just like me. (Tomorrow I'll write about Sammy's asthma, and the her unique form of hardluck asthma.)

Sammy and I became good friends because, before we met, we both thought we were alone in the asthma world. Yet, while it took me 25 years to discover I was not alone, now asthmatics around the world can communicate right here on the web via asthma communities, or in the blogosphere.

So stay tuned, we have some cool asthma stuff to write about in the days to come.

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