Saturday, July 03, 2010

Stabismus surgery day #4

To peel the eye open in the morning it still takes a warm, wet cloth placed over the eye for about 15 minutes, followed by an eye drop properly inserted into the corner of the eye by my wife while lying in a supine position in the recliner.

However, despite that slow start, this was the first day I was actually able to keep my right eye open all day. I was actually back to my normal, dry humorous self as my wife and I ventured to my parent's to meet my brother who so happened to come up all the way from Detroit.

Today was also the first day I didn't need to take Vicoden to take the edge of the pain off, although my wife did make me take 800 mg of Motrin to reduce some of the inflammation. So, when my dad offered me a Natural Light I so humbly, and graciously agreed to take it.

And after that was gone, two more followed. Since I didn't eat much at that point in the day, the alcohol seemed to hit me hard, and it was there I realized that I got better relief from alcohol than from the Vicoden. I was thinking I should have just stayed drunk and I would have been fine throughout this whole process (of eye surgery).

Yet the down side to alcohol is you drink too much of it your system dries out, and a dry eye is not what I want right now. So I limited myself to the three Natty lights. Although they were among three of the best beers I've had in a long while.

The warm breeze from the southwest was absolutely beautiful to go along with the beautiful son on a clear blue day. And the social company of my brother and father was really nice. It was nice just to get out of the house for a change. It was nice to have my eye feeling good enough to WANT to get out of the house for a change. Hopefully I'll feel even better tomorrow.

My daughter is 20 months, and my brother's daughter is 12 months, and yet my brother's daughter is larger than my own -- although each equally cute. It was neat to watch them play together. While they had selfish goals on this day, I bet soon they will become good friends.

The biggest obstacle was keeping the wind from irritating my eye. Rather, the biggest obstacle was keeping my baby from poking out my eye. And for this the sunglasses came in handy. I also think it was the sunglasses that made me able to keep my eye open outside where the sun was shining brightly overhead. Yet by the tree, the shade and the breeze felt great.

Yet after a couple hours of socializing ache rushed into my head, and it was time to go back home. My eye is still blood shot red, and my wife noted that it looks as though my eye muscles are sitting atop the eye. Then she added, "But it looks better today." That's reassuring, I guess.

It was nice to make it through a day with both my eyes open, although my right eye still feels kind of prickly. It almost seems like it's been a lot of work keeping it open, and thus this seems to make me tire easily. Actually, I think what makes me tire easily is that I can't focus really well yet. I can't look left without my right eye watering or hurting. And I can't look right. So, as my wife noted earlier, I walk around without craning my neck: like a robot.

So I hope my kids are worn out soon, because this humble RT is ready for bed.

First, however, my wife must return with the gallon of Vanilla Ice Cream. This dad has a priority, and ice cream is #1 on that list. Ice cream, and then it's time for bed. The neighbors might offer me a beer, yet I might be forced to forgo it one more night.

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  1. i wish i had found your blog before going with the surgery!
    the eye stickies bothered me to no end and i thought it might have gotten infected xD
    they are apparently normal, then, awesome

    thanks for your insight into this procedure!