Saturday, June 04, 2011

Can I excel despite asthma?

I've done this with quite a bit of success on my other blogs, so I thought I'd try it here at Hardluck Asthma. I like to check my statcounter to see what searches are leading readers here. Assuming the queries were not answered, I provide here my humble responses.

1. Can I smoke even though I have asthma? Yes you can, yet why would you want to. Smoking is linked to worsening asthma, and can even cause severe asthma. If you smoke and have asthma, here's 20 incentives to quit.

2. I have asthma and I can't smell:  Seventy five percent of asthmatics are believed to have allergies, and about 75 percent of asthmatics also have a history of rhinitis and sinusitis. All of these cause inflammation of the nasal passages which in turn can effect your sense of smell. I've had this problem in the past, and still do at times. The best treatment is to work with your doctor to find a good medicine regime to help you out.

3. Can I excel despite asthma?  Yes you sure can. Asthma wisdom and medicine has improved so much in the past 20 years to the point where most asthmatics should be able to live a normal active life. You'll have to work with your doctor though, and continue reading about asthma and how to control it. For good tips on how to control your asthma click here.

4. What's the 18th century name for asthma? Actually, in the 18th century asthma was called asthma. Nasal inflammation was called catarrh. Allergies were described yet not yet identified. Chronic bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, allergies, and many other causes of wheezes and shortness of breath were often all associated with asthma. There were often various classifications of asthma, yet these classifications were usually different from doctor to doctor.  For the most part, 18th century doctors described any condition that caused dyspnea or a wheeze as asthma.  For more click here.

5. Have you achieved excellence despite asthma? I have five blogs, a great job, a wonderful wife, great kids, and an overall wonderful life. To learn how asthma has benefited my life, click here and here

6. Is asthma a nervous condition? No. It was believed to be in the 19th century, yet by 1950 that theory was proven wrong. Stress and Depression may be linked to asthma, and may trigger asthma, but asthma is a real physical condition, not a mental disorder. Click here for more.

7. What are asthma organs? Asthma is more than just a lung disease. I write about this here.

8. Can a barrel chest go away with asthma? Yes it can. It's caused because air gets trapped in your lungs. Once you gain control of your asthma it will go away. I know because mine went away.

So there you have it. If you have any further questions you are free to email me absolutely any time. Thanks.

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