Sunday, October 05, 2014

Survived one more hunting camp

During the course of the year a couple of the guys remodel old homes and bring the scraps to the cabin, where one night at hunting camp it's burned.  The ensuing fire makes for an impressive site, but it's not so good on asthmatic lungs.

There were always some issues that resulted from going to hunting camp, especially since both campfire smoke and Captain Jack can irritate asthmatic lungs. But this came to a tailspin in 2011 when the fire nearly killed him (well not really, considering most asthmatics pant to old age).

But that was then and there have now been three years worth of events to deaden that memory.  Surely it still lingers in the back of his mind, but even though the others were reminded a few times NOT to light up the fire the one night the asthmatic was going to brave camp, it was lit anyway.  (This is further evidence how, since most people are unaffected by it, most people don't care about it.)

The asthmatic and his son were riding up to camp about 7:30 p.m. when his son received a snap shot on his i-phone.  Based on the crackling sound, the asthmatic knew what his son had received even before he said, "Dad, they lit the fire already."

The fire was still burning as they pulled into camp, and the cinders were red hot all night, continuing to fill the air with its fumes. A few discussions with Captain Jack later and the asthmatic forgot his efforts to avoid the fumes.  Not helping matters were that Captain Jack, while soothing and necessary, was also an airway irritant.

Thankfully the asthmatic came prepared this year.  Surely avoidance of hunting camp and not lighting the fire surely would have helped, but none of those were any fun (none of those options resulted in living a normal life with this disease). Thanks to modern science there are a plethora of medicines an asthmatic can try to prevent asthma.  While Advair didn't help in 2011, Breo did in 2014.

Still, two days later, while the fire did not take away his air it did cause some mild cold-like symptoms.  As he takes in a deep breath he can feel that some shit did get into his lungs, and it did cause some spasming to occur.

But, thanks to modern science, it was nothing like what happened in 2011. In fact, these side effects are so mild he's tempted to brush it off as happenstance -- but he knows better.

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