Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How do normal people make it through a day?

Normal guys get through each winter day by entertaining themselves with a list of guy chores.  They do normal maintenance work around the home, such as moving boxes, or fixing or building things.  They can also go outside and do things in the cold.

The rest of us, those of us who are abnormal, those of us who have allergies, are limited in what we can do.  We have to play on the Internet, or wash dishes or cook.  Yet we cannot do what normal guys do lest our allergies/asthma act up.

I'm not playing the woah-is-me game, I'm just saying.  If you have asthma and allergies the way I do, and you can't do normal guy things, then you are not a normal guy.

Surely we can make due by finding other things to do, such as blogging, or reading, or washing dishes.  Yet there comes a point when those jobs either wear out, or you get tired of doing them.

As I'm sitting here trying to make it through the day, I asked my wife, "What do normal guys do?"  She said, "Normal guys have lists of things that they do.  She was right: that is what normal guys do to make it through a winter day."  I think a better questions to ask is: "What do abnormal guys do to make it through a winters day?"

That's a tougher questions to answer.  It's not easy to entertain yourself for a full day when you have allergies, especially when half the things you want to do cause you to suffer from asthma/allergies.

Here's my question to all my fellow asthma/allergy sufferers, those of you who have it bad enough for it to affect your life even when you take all your medicine the way you're supposed to: how do you make it through the day?


  1. I'm definitely one of the abnormal. I watch a lot of movies, but even that gets old at times. I try to help out around the house as much as I can, but sometimes the allergies/asthma kick in and I just have to stop.

  2. Well I'm there with you. I can't do what I once did anymore due to my asthma flair. I can't even work due to flair. I'm in limbo right now. Thankful for what I can do though. I'm trying to clean out the clutter from my house. Organize and get rid of stuff I no longer need. Give to those who need it. But even that is a slow process. I open up a drawer or closet full of dust and have to leave it as it's caused an asthma attack. I'll try it another day wearing a mask. Yes! I understand limited of asthma. But am blessed and very greatful for family . Friends and neighbors to help when I need it. I am very blessed.

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