Asthma/ Allergy History

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History of Asthma, Lung Disease and Treatment

Beginning-5000 B.C.:  Age Before History and Time
5000-2700 B.C.:  Beginning of the Ancient World
  • x5000 B.C.: An Egyptians hero think about air (11/6/14)
  • x5000 B.C.: Knowledge comes to America (12/16/14)
  • x5000 B.C.-1700 A.D.: Asthma in America (11/25/14)
  • x5000 B.C.: Gods were the first physicians (12/11/14)
  • x5000-50 B.C.: Egyptian gods of healing 
  • x5000-50 B.C.: Hebrew health and healing (12/9/14)
  • x5000-50 B.C.: Hebrew Bible influences medicine 
  • x5000-1500 B.C.: The first inhalers
  • x4000-539 B.C. Mesopotamian gods may heal you (10/30/14)
  • x4000 B.C.-1700 A.D.: Mesoamerican gods will cure your asthma (12/23/14)
  • x4004 B.C.: The beginning of Time? (8/7/14)
  • x4000-539 B.C.: First civilizations advance medicine (10/16/14)
  • x4000-30 B.C.: Egyptians create a mighty civilization (11/4/14)
  • x4000-3000 B.C.: Sumerian rituals prevent asthma (10/21/14)
  • x4000-50 B.C.: Egyptian priests/ physicians will treat your asthma
  • x3,500-900 B.C: Asthmatic boy in Babylon 
  • x3533-2600 B.C.: The birth of rational medicine 
  • x3000 B.C.: The baru will predict your future (7/29/14)
2700-1 B.C.: Ancient World During History and Before Time
1-276 A.D.: Ancient World After Time
500-1550 A.D.: Dark Ages of Medicine
1550-1799: Scientific Revolution

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  • 1690:  Remedies for asthma (9/23/14)

1800-1900 A.D.:  Age of Progress
see history of inhalers before publishing the following...
also see history of pulmonary functiontesting
see respiratory therapy historyc
  1. x1872: Good times for hay fever sufferers
  2. x1875: Bleeding STILL recommended to cure your asthma (5/5/15)
  3. x1876: Colorado cures hay fever (1/30/14)
  4. x1876: Beard's Remedies for hay fever (2/6/14)
  5. x1876: Many names for hay-fever (7/1/14)
  6. x1876: The nervous theory of hay fever
  7. x1878:  Thorowgood supports Salter's asthma theories (4/29/14)
  8. x1878: Berkart believed asthma was a symptom (4/11/16)
  9. x1878:  Berkart describes turning point in asthma history (10/15/15)
  10. x1878-1885:  Asthma no longer a confused term (2/24/14)
  11. x1880:  What causes hay fever? (Blackley's experiments) (12/19/14)
see inhalers
  1. x1882:  Definition of asthma (see Salter in asthma history)
  2. x1892:  William Osler: The father of modern medicine
  3. x1892:  Dr. Osler defines asthma
  4. x1892:  Dr. Osler's recommends asthma remedies (7/7/13)
  5. x1896- 1906:  Wompole's Hypno-Bromic Comp will cure your asthma
  6. x1898:  Physician's search for asthma remedies (4/30/13)
  7. x1898:  Yearning for help for asthma patient (2/7/13)
  8. x1898:  A description of hay fever (10/22/13)
  9. x1898:  Interesting remedy for hay fever (11/21/13)
  10. x1898:  Hollopeter's remedies for hay fever (6/26/14)
  11. x1898:  What causes one to develop hay fever? (6/12/14)
  12. 1898: How to diagnose hay fever (6/17/14)
  13. 1898: What is the prognosis of hay fever victims? (6/24/14)
  14. x1899:  Is asthma simply a "Nerve Storms"
  15. The history of oxygen for asthma treatment
  16. x1858-1929:  History of nebulizers
  17. History of Spirometry
  18. Henry Hyde Salter:  Your asthma is all in your head
  19. xThe rise and fall of smoking for asthma (By Mark Jackson)
1900-Present:  Age of Results

Timelines:  Quick journey through time
  1. Asthma history lexicon (Complete and updated as of 12/8/12)
  2. Dedication and Acknowledgements (1/6/15)