Hardluck Asthma:
I created this blog so I'd have a place to write specifically about asthma without being politically correct and without catering to a specific audience.  But this blog is not just about asthma, it's about living normal with it. The title is not meant to imply that I have hardluck with my asthma every day, it's basically a play on a type of asthma I created back in 2008 when I was writing comics for healthcentral.com as Rick Frea.  Hardluck essentially means that you still have symptoms even though you take all the right medicines and take all the right actions to keep your asthma under control.  In other words, even though you feel good, you still have to take your medicine every day, avoid your asthma triggers, and stay in overall good shape so that you can continue to live well with it. That is my goal and that is the purpose of this blog.

Asthma Dad:
Not only am I an asthmatic, I'm also an asthma dad. The asthma gene is hereditary, and it seems I've given the gene to my daughters Callie and Laney and my son Myles.  My eldest son seems to have escaped the grasp of the asthma and allergy genes.  Thankfully for my asthmatic children they have a dad who's been there and done that.  I don't want them to have the scar of being up all night suffering from asthma, so I tend to dote on them.  I'll keep you posted on my asthma dad experience. Actually, I can probably add asthma son now that I've been so inclined to pay it forward to my mother. I'm also an asthma brother, asthma nephew, asthma friend...

My Hardluck Asthma Story:
I will also use this space to continue my hardluck asthma story that I started over at the RT Cave.  As a kid I had really bad asthma, so bad in fact I spent six months as an inpatient at National Asthma Center/ National Jewish Hospital in Denver, Colorado in 1985.  I will submit chapters of my story as time permits, or you can link to My Hardluck Asthma Story here.  I try to keep it pithy and with a point, although you can be the judge of that.

Asthma History:
Another subject that interests me is asthma history.  I have been researching the history of this disease and find it quite interesting.  I started this history on this blog, although I have since moved it over to my newest blog called Asthma History. This history has actually turned into a history of the medical profession, a history of respiratory therapy, as well as a history of emphysema, COPD and other pulmonary diseases.

My Lung Blog Network:
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