My Asthma Story

While my asthma is now controlled to the point where I live a normal life, there once was a time when I suffered from "hardluck sthmatic.  Here is my story. Please note that I started this blog writing under a pen name. That should explain why some of it is redacted. I just blocked out my real name. Other than that it's all there. And this is the very pithy version.

Asthma Hospital:  In 1985 I was admitted to National Jewish Hospital/ National Asthma Center (Now National Jewish Health). Here are my medical records from this asthma hospital (summarized):
The Beginning: I was a patient from January 9, 1985 to May 15, 1985. Keep in mind some of these posts are older and are probably in need of an edit.
2-May: I was a patient from May 15, 1985, to July 15, 1985
Better days: I have lived a wonderful life ever since, and I owe a lot of my good fortune to all the wonderful people I met during my stay at NJH/NAC.  
  • 1986:  Epinephrine and oxygen
  • 1987:  So far so good
  • 1988:  Off to college and the asthma seems to go away
  • 1989:  I forgot my theophylline
  • 1993:  My first visit to ER in many years
  • 1997:  Another degree, and worse asthma
  • 1998:  Another hospital admission
  • 2000:  Asthma sucks, but life is great
  • 2000:  Crystal and Jordan
  • 2003:  Callie
  • 2004:  Advair is the asthma cure
  • 2007:  The death of theophylline, a lifelong friend
  • 2008:  Laney
  • 2010:  Myles
  • 2012:  The asthma beast returns
  • 2015: 30 years later: A look back

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