History of Inhalers

Steam powered mist inhaler 1870s. 
Poisonous herbs were tossed into the fire, and inhaled...  the benefits found to be terrific.  Thus was the beginning of inhalation therapy... COMING SOON!!!

This is a woodcut of an inhaler used during the 1870s.  It was the first type of inhaler that created a mist and didn't require the cranking of a peddle, pumping of billows, or the help of another person.  It was actually a neat concept for it's time.  The concept was patented by Siegle, and so regardless of the company that made it, it was called the Siegle Inhaler.  I chose this picture to show you today because I think it does a great job of showing how it's inventor used the Bournoulli Principle to create a mist.  This is the same concept used for today's nebulzers, with the main difference being the use of air from an air compressor instead of steam.  I'll discuss this in greater detail in 2014. 

The Evolution of Inhalation Devices:
  1. x30,000 B.C.: Fumigations were the first inhalers (1/14/14)
  2. x5000 B.C. -1500 A.D.:The first inhalers (1/7/14)
  3. x5000 B.C.-1700 A.D.: Inhalers in America (11/25/14)
  4. x400 B.C.: The Hippocratic inhaler (1/21/14)
  5. x1 A.D. -1900:  The first Dry Powdered Inhalers (3/15/13)
  6. x1492:  Columbus discovers tobacco (12/24/13)
  7. x1471: School of Salerno and the Soporific Sponge (9/16/14)
  8. x1738:  The Bournouli Principle (1/28/14)
  9. x1768:  Dr. Phillip Stern writes book for asthmatics (8/6/13)
  10. x1778: The Mudge Patented Pewter Inhaler (9/17/13)
  11. x1778:  John Mudge invents the inhaler (8/13/13)
  12. x1848:  The Chambers Dry Powder Inhaler (3/14/13)
  13. x1856-1858:  The first nebulizer (8/28/12)
  14. x1859:  Mathieu's Nephogene (2/11/14)
  15. x1862:  The Bergson Apparatus and Inhaler (2/18/14)
  16. x1864:  Alfred Newton's Dry Powdered Inhaler (6/20/13)
  17. x1864:  Seigle and Adams steam powered Inhaler (3/4/14) 
  18. x1865?:  Dr. Nelson's inhaler (9/24/13)
  19. x1865:  Clarks spray Producer (3/11/14)
  20. 1867:  Steam powered inhalers (2/4/14)
  21. x1867:  The four best nebulizers (2/25/14)
  22. ((1867:  Mist nebulizers ))
  23. x((1869:  The Adams Inhaler  (see Seigle's Inhaler above)))
  24. x1869:  Lewin's Inhaler (4/1/14)
  25. 1870:  The year of the portable inhalers (1/10/13) (added to steam powered)
Dr. Osler
  1. x1880s:  The Carbolic Smoke Ball (6/27/13)
  2. x1885:  Recommendation for inhaling medicine (3/25/14)
  3. x1894:  Alabone's compressed air inhaler (5/17/14)
  4. x1900:  Park-Davis Glaseptic Nebulizer
  5. x1907:  Dr. James Sawyer's Asthma Powder
  6. x1910:  Hiram Maxim Pipe of Peace
  7. x1930s:  Asthma Nefrin and the Devilbiss Nebulizer (5/27/14)
  8. x1930s:  Spiess-Drager (Apneu) Nebulizer and Inhalatoriums (5/20/14)
  9. x1930:   Pneumostat, the first electric nebulizer (4/8/14)
  10. x1932:  The first use of the term 'Aerosol' (3/9/13)
  11. x1940s:  The Collision Nebulizer (5/13/14)
  12. x1954:  The DeVilbiss Pocket Nebulizer (6/3/14)
  13. x1957:  The invention of the rescue inhaler (1/5/12)
  14. x1959:  Nebu-Halent Inhaler (6/10/14)
The Modernization of Inhalation Devices
  1. 1940-1912:  The dry powdered inhaler (DPI)
  2. 1957-2012:  The evolution of rescue inhalers
  3. 1930-2012:  The modern nebulizer
Please note:  This history is a work in progress.  As new material becomes available posts will be updated.  As time becomes available, posts will be edited for grammar, accuracy, etc.  If you see an obvious error, feel free to chime in.  If you have access to further knowledge on any topic, feel free to share.  If you want to use this material for your own research projects, please feel free to do so.  While you are free to quote me, I also recommend you refer to the references listed with each post.  Thanks.  Rick Frea.  

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