Friday, June 18, 2010

Too exhausted to look for puffer

I'm sure I'm not the only asthmatic to wake up in the middle of the night short of breath and not have a clue where his four Albuterol inhalers are, yet be too exhausted to get out of bed to look for them.

That's the situation I found myself in last night. After working all week, and working out when I wasn't working, and chasing kids around when I wasn't doing any of those two, I was perhaps more exhausted last evening than I remember being since I started working day shift last January.

In fact, I was so pooped out last night I went to bed at 7 p.m. without even taking any of my medicine. I actually lied down intending to watch the Tigers, yet I don't remember what happened as I fell asleep from pure exhaustion.

So I think Inhaler Gremlin has been at my house. I think it feasts on inhalers that are sitting around. Hell, it feeds on inhalers that are brand new and not even out of the package yet.

Anyway, if I had gotten out of bed I would have found one on the table next to the couch. For some reason the Gremlin didn't eat that one. Yet I didn't get up, and despite my discomfort fell back asleep.


  1. That's actually why I keep a spare inhaler right beside my bed... if I'm too sleepy to remember to bring my main inhaler and spacer in with me, well, an inhaler is better than no inhaler, even if I don't have a spacer.

    Mind you, I'm pretty much the most forgetful person in the universe (I have to tie my keys to my belt loop or else I lose them three times a week, and even with them tied, I manage to lose/forget them at least once a month!), so that's probably why that works for me.

  2. I tell myself every time I get a new bunch of inhalers to keep an inhaler in certain spots, and I do: and a few days later I'll use that one and lose it too. Usually I'll walk around with my inhaler in my pocket, and then the inhaler gremlin will grab it and... "Where'd it go?"

  3. Darn those inhaler gremlins! I've found three of the four inhalers now . . . but there's one that's still missing in action!

    The gremlins get your boxed inhalers, eh? So far they haven't ventured into my boxed up ones. Now I'll know something's up when my Symbicort or Atrovent goes missing, so far it's only been the Ventolins.

  4. It's wierd how it's only Ventolin that disappeare