Saturday, August 14, 2010

My disadvantage is your advantage

You know what sucks most about having asthma. It's not being able to fix things around the house. It's not being able to build a wall and to put up drywall and finish it off myself. It's not being able to build things with wood.

I often joke with my friends that I can fix people who can't breath but I can't fix anything at home.

It's not like I don't know how to do carpentry work, it's my body won't let me. As soon as I get all the stuff and get set up, and as soon as I touch the wood my skin breaks out in hives and the asthma acts up. Actually, the allergies act up more so than the asthma. And that's even with all the high tech asthma and allergy stuff available today.

So I have to hire people to do jobs around the house most men should be able to do, and enjoy doing. When I have other people doing jobs I think I should be doing it feels, to me, like an attack on my manhood.

My dad owned a ton of apartments, and he'd give me a job to rip out carpet or something. I'd do it because it's a fun job. Yet even though I wore a mask, I still had to step outside every few minutes to wipe my dose and sdeeze.

The same happened as he was trying to teach me how to lay carpet, or do other projects. My bothers learned a lot from dad, and now they build things in their homes all the time, things I wish I could do.

So I was never able to finish a project working with my dad. If asthma sucks in any way shape or form in my opinion, that's where it sucks most for me. It's not even so much the asthma per se, but the allergies. I can handle the asthma. The allergies prevent me from doing carpentry work. The allergies suck the most.

I want to finish the basement. Yet I can't because if I did that I'd have to hire out the job. If I could do it I'd go to the store and do it right now because I have the week off. I can do it at 1/10th the cost too.

Well, that's just life.

However, my disadvantage is your advantage. Because I can't do that project, I spent much of my time here instead. Hence, I've become an asthma expert and writer of sorts -- a benefit of having asthma I suppose.

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