Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I've had a home nebulizer since 1985

During the course of taking care of many COPD and Asthma patients here at Shoreline Medical today a thought occurred to me: I have never taken care of a patient who'se had nebulizers at home longer than I have.

I took my first breathing treatment probably sometime around 1980 in a hospital up close to here, yet I was given a nebulizer for home use in 1985 after I was released from the Asthma Hospital.

The funny thing is, I still have that old beast. I can't find a picture of it on the web, so I'll have to take a picture of it so you can see. I've had two new ones since then, and both of them have since broke down.

Yet that old 1985 beast is brown with the residue of old Albuterol, Atropine, Alupent and whatever other stuff I inhaled by it over the years. And the handle on top is busted off.

In fact, the thing is so old the filter had to be taken out and now I have to use it without a filter because they no longer make filters to fit it. Yet it still works like a charm. It's loud, perhaps as loud as a deisel truck. Yet it works.

I really don't use it often anymore, because I have a new one that serves that purpose. My classic 1985 beast is stored in the basement where it collects dust. Although I do still use it from time to time. Actually, when I went camping a few years ago I used it to blow up the air mattress. It takes a while, but it's better than mouthing it.

I have a new nebulzier, yet I don't even use that very often. Yet I do still have a nebulizer at home, and way longer than any of my COPD and asthmatic friends, coworkers and patients. I ask all the time.

I have patients I take care of that are 80 and 90 years old. Yet while they may have me whipped in the age department, and wisdom department, they don't come even close in the nebulizer department. I win hands down.

Other than my asthmatic friends from National Jewish back in the 1980s (perhaps they no need or even have their old nebulizer friend) the only person I can think of who might have had a nebulizer at home longer than me is Breathin Stephen. I don't remember if I ever asked him.

So if you think you've had nebs longer than your humble RT, feel free to let me know in the comments below and I'll give you credit.


  1. If you have asthma you know its the worst disease ever. It all started for me about eight years ago. We moved to a new house. I couldn't breathe the very first night. I went to so many dosctors over the past eight years. My first primary care doctor said I was having panic attacks and sent me to a shrink. In the past eight years I've been on Advair, Flovent, proair, albuterol, and many doses of steriods.I've been afraid to go on vacation because of the different climates and alleregens. The turning point was this past October 2010. My husband and I went to St.John's with four other couples. It's the most beautiful island when its not raining. It rained 5 out of the 7 days and over 15 inches while we were there. Needless to say the resort changed our room three times because of the rain coming into the rooms from the balcony, doors, and even the ceiling. This weather was a nightmare for my asthma. I was on the neublizer every four hours just to breathe. Anyone suffering from asthma knows you just get plain sick and tired of breathing. Once I arrived home I stayed in bed for three days trying to rest my lungs. I spent endless hours on the web trying to find a cure. I came across several blogs recommending OPC-3. I ordered it and had it delivered the very next day. I started taking 4 capfuls of OPC-3 in water. It tastes like fruit punch. Within a week my lungs felt great. I finally started feeling back to normal. It's been over a month and I'm bascially off all my asthma meds except for the mornign maintenance of Advair. That's because I forgot to take the night time dose. My breathing has never been better. I'm more relaxed and wanting to venture out again. The funny thing is that the Westin at St.John's offered us a vochure to come back and stay with them for three days. They wanted us to have a chance to see their beautiful island when its not raining. Beleive it or not I told my husband let's go... Please email me at susan@smartshopping4u.com for information in ordering OPC 3.

  2. You sure beat me! I've had a home nebuliser since I was aged 24, in 1992. I moved home to the countryside to start a new job. I was living in a 200 year old limestone cottage that was very damp and my asthma went haywire. I had so many trips to the Drs for a neb they suggested I buy one. It lasted about 5 years. I've had about 10 in total. (Clearly, they're not made the way they used to be!) I currently have 3 on the go, and a home oxygen concentrator I can neb through if necessary!

    But yep, I still think you win the competition, hands down!