Thursday, May 12, 2011

Asthma resolutions don't work for me

I was asked to participate in asthma awareness month by creating a list of three or five resolutions for how I will better manage my asthma in the next year, or how I will take action to help others with asthma.  I have decided I am unable to do this.

I suppose I could just ignore this topic altogether, yet it makes for a good talking point.  The reason I can't make a resolution to help me make my asthma better is not because my asthma is perfect, it's because I know I will never stick to it.  That's just me.  I know me.

We humans are creatures of habit.  My habit when I get up in the morning is to take my asthma controller medicines and then brush my teeth.  When I go to bed I take my asthma controller medicines and then I brush my teeth.  That's my habit.  That's my routine.  That's my life.

I can say that I will create a diary and do a peak flow daily to monitor my symptoms, but I know I won't stick to it.  I might do it a week or two, but I won't stick to it.  So making a resolution to make this change might be nice, and it might even result in better asthma control, yet I much prefer to simply monitor my symptoms.

It's what I've always done.  Besides, I know me.  I know my signs and symptoms of asthma.  I also know peak flows are made to get lost and never found.

I can make a blog post with five resolutions of how I will use my blogs to help other people, but isn't that something I already do?  Sure, I could do more, yet I'm not a social person so I know I won't make a public appearance any time soon.  Any communicating or teaching I do is right here in the faceless blogosphere.

Ten years ago this might have been different.  Ten years ago I didn't know me well.  Ten years ago I was still trying to be like my dad.  Yet now I know I'm not the outgoing, partying, cool, fun, social person that my dad is.  I'm me.  I'm an asthmatic, introvert, thinking, writing, blogging, educating, history loving, reading, fool.

I personally think that the best way to gain control of your asthma is to know yourself and be yourself.  Once you discover who you are, everything else -- including your asthma action plan -- will fall into place.

Resources: Management and Treatment, So You Have Asthma

For tips on how to better manage your asthma click here and then click here.

(May is Asthma Awareness month, and May 3 is asthma awareness day. For more information about asthma, check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/ Asthma.)

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