Saturday, July 02, 2011

Study justifies weight gain

I was just talking with my wife the other night about how ever since I've been taking Dulera all I want to do is eat.  She said I was full of crap.  Yet a new study I just learned about today may prove me right.  Only it may not have been so much the Dulera but allergies that caused me to gain weight.

Researchers at Yale university studied the effects of antihistamines and determined that people who took them were heavier than those who didn't take them.  Of course the researchers were quick to note the study does not confirm whether obesity lends people to worse allergies or if antihistamines actually cause weight gain.

Yet it's still interesting.  I'm also not implying I'm obese, yet I often find myself gaining weight this time of year.  I used to attribute it to lack of exercise because I tend to spend a little more time sitting outside drinking beer and cooking delicious foods on the grill as opposed to exercising.  This study might provide me with an even better excuse.

However, as I look back on my childhood, when I was thin as a stick, I still had horrid allergies and no weight gain.  Yet my metabolism was better then to, so that might explain why there was no weight gain at that time.  Yet I'm speculating.

It's interesting.  And yes it's just one study.

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