Saturday, October 15, 2011

Can you use dulera and symbicort together?

Your humble question:  Can you use dulera and symbicort together?

My humble answer:  Both of these medicines are basically the same; they both have the long acting beta adrenergic foracort in them.  You do not want to put too much of this medicine in your system, and therefore you do not want to use them together.  Doing so can have dire consequences.

Your question:  What is better, dulera or symbicort?

My humble answer:  The only difference between these two medicines is the inhaled corticosteroid.  Symbicort has Pulmicort and Dulera has Flovent.  Which one works best is a matter of personal choice.

Your question:  Will I gain weight if I use symbicort or dulera?

My humble answer:  There is no documented evidence either of these medicines will cause you to gain weight.  However, many of us asthmatics may disagree with this.

Your question:  Should you use a spacer with symbicort and dulera?

My humble answer:  Since they are both inhalers I would recommend you use a spacer.  It's proven to make the medicine work 75 percent better.  

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