Saturday, November 05, 2011

5 things that have changed my life

Your humble question:  What are five things that have changed your life?  For the better?  For worse? 

My humble answer:  This is a great question.  I'm going to focus on things that changed my life for the better.  Some of the things I list here may have been very difficult events, and even horrible events at the time, yet in the end they all resulted in changing me for the better.

1.  Horible asthma:  As a kid I endured many long and agonizing nights suffering from hardluck asthma.  Many days were spend in ERs and hospital beds.  Yet I took it in stride as best I could, and in the end it made me what I am today.  I actually wrote about it here and here

2.  National Jewish Health:  By January 1985 my asthma became so bad I was admitted to National Jewish Hospital/ National Asthma Center (now National Jewish Health) for six whole months.  It was fun at times, yet often very challenging.  It was events that occurred here that made me what I am today, especially all my talks with counselors and physiologists. 

3.  Getting fired:  I was hired as a journalist at a small town newspaper.  It was my lifetime dream to become a journalist because I loved to write, yet once I got this job it was like my mind went blank.  It didn't help that I was fresh out of school and I was in charge of the newspaper.  In essence I was hired to do a job that was way over my head, and after three months I was let go.  That event hit my confidence hard, yet in retrospect it was that event that made lead me to the job I was meant for -- a respiratory therapist.

4.  Getting a job as an RT:  If it weren't for all the events above I never would have become an RT.  In a way, getting a job of respiratory therapist was my fate -- respiratory fate.  It was because of this job that I met my wife.  It was through this job I created this blog.  It was through this job that I created a wonderful family and group of friends. 

5.  Meeting my wife:  I always wanted to write, yet even though I had tons of time I never did.  Then I met my wife, got a job as an RT, had kids, and even though I had hardly any time, with her encouragement, I created my blogs.  My wife disciplined me.  She made me the modest RT. 

So there you have it.  It was those five events that made me who I am.  If it werent' for bad asthma as a kid I never would have spent time at National Jewish.  If not for that experience I never would have become an RT.  If I never would have become an RT I never would have met my wife, and my blogs never would have come to be.

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