Monday, November 14, 2011

What is the blog "Hardluck Asthma" all about?

Your humble question:  If you were in an elevator and someone asked you about your blog, what would you tell them? 

My humble answer:  On my Hardluck Asthma blog I write about what it's like to live with asthma.  What are the day to day challenges of being an asthmatic?  I also write a lot about the history of asthma.  I try no write from a unique perspective of the disease as to not make my blog a repeat of other asthma blogs, although I sometimes fail at that.  I have three other blogs, and this one is my ME blog.  This is where I get to write about me, my asthma, and how it effects me personally.  I also spend some time writing my asthma story, or what it was like living with asthma when I was a kid.  I had it bad, so bad in fact that I once made over 17 visits to an ER one year, and once spent six months in a hospital.  I like to write about that and a whole lot more asthma stuff.

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