Thursday, December 01, 2011

How to get kids to take systemic steroids?

Now I certainly hope you didn't click on this post thinking I was going to provide tips on how to get your kids to take their medicine.  This post is exactly the opposite.  If anything, I'm seeking advice.

Yet I don't think there really is any way to coax a three-year-old to take a steroid liquid, or a steroid pill, both of which taste -- to put it into the words of my daughter Mrs. L. -- "Yucky!"

The steroid shot worked the best.  That shot cured her.  On Monday she took the liquid.  On Tuesday she said it was, "Yucky!"  Yet she drank it.  On the third day she refused.  On the 4th day she refused. 

It's not like you can force a liquid down a kid's throat, because they have the ability to spit.  Then there's the concept of traumatizing a kid.  I'm of the belief if you force a medicine down their throats you'll compromise any future effort to get them to trust you to take any medicine. 

Yet I could be wrong.  I probably am wrong.  What I do know is during her nap today she was coughing again, something she hadn't been doing since the shot on Sunday.  And when she woke up she was wheezing and tight.  And she willfully took a breathing treatment, something she only does when she needs one.

So that brings us back to the steroid.  How do you get a kid to take a steroid?  Dave the pharmacist is going to give us some steroid pills, and the idea is maybe we can crush them and put them in Mrs. L's applesauce. 

Yet Mrs. L. is a light and picky eater.  Hm mm.   We'll just have to wait until this plays itself out.  It would be all the easier if some asthmatic dad didn't give the girl his bad asthma genes.


  1. I used to babysit a child with CF, and her (capsule) medicine was given to her as "sprinkles" on a spoonful of applesauce prior to supper. It worked for a long time (years when she was small -- four to six yrs old, perhaps), though she eventually fought that too. She didn't like it, and she did know it was medicine, but she tolerated it.

  2. When I was six and needed to take that my dad would mix the pill with ice cream. It worked for me. I hope your daughter feels better.

  3. It's funny you wrote about crushing pills, becasue we tried that today. My wife crushed the pills and furtively put them in chocolate milk. My daugter took one sip, wrinkled her face, and said, "This chocolate milk tastes terrible!" She refused to finish.

    She's a stubborn little girl.