Thursday, December 15, 2011

My asthma used to anger my mom

My daughter's experience with the asthma beast last night reminded me of my own childhood experience. 

My wife made a neat observation:  "Some parents might actually be annoyed when their daughter woke up at midnight coughing and crying and acting restless.  They might have been annoyed because they wouldn't have known their child was having an asthma attack.  They might have thought their daughter was just being a brat and keeping her parents up."

I think my wife was surprised by my response.  I said, "I think that happened to me.  With no disrespect to my parents because they weren't medical professionals and they didn't have asthma.  But my mom used to wake me up when I was coughing and make me lie on my side.  Then I'd fall asleep and an hour or so later she'd be waking me up again because I was coughing.  She'd make me lie on my side. It got to the point that to this day I can't sleep lying on my back.  She had no clue my coughing was probably due to asthma.  I couldn't breathe and she was mad at me.

"I will never let that happen to any child of mine.  I don't want my two asthmatic daughters to have that scar."

I tried to discuss this with my mom once in a matter of fact way and she outright denied it.  She might honestly not remember.  And she might have done so in a completely innocent matter.

 It doesn't matter to me.  I was just curious.  I have an awesome mom and she was always there.  So I don't mean to make my mom look bad.  It's just something that she did that left a scar.  Yet it's something neat to write about. 

If any of my fellow asthmatic followers ever had a similar experience please leave a comment below. 

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