Friday, April 27, 2012

The asthma conundrum

My present asthma conundrum gave me a good idea for an asthma post for healthcentral, and I sent it in to be published.  It's basically a letter to my fellow asthmatics, a reminder of sorts, that if you are having asthma symptoms it's OK to take a day off.  

It almost sounded like a corny idea, but I sent it in anyway.  I have no idea when it will be published nor that it will.

I figured I was a credible source for such advice because that's exactly what I had to do these past two weeks.  Usually when I get the crud I just tough it out, but for some reason I sensed a downward trend.  Instead of getting better every day I was getting worse.  

I didn't want to call in sick to work, but I had to.  I didn't want to call my doctor, but I had to.  Most important, I didn't want to take time off my workouts.  I had been doing the body for life since January and had lost 20 pounds.  I wanted to keep it going.  but I had to quit.  I had to.  

I know asthma experts, including myself, say you can live a normal life with asthma.  But you and I know that's not necessarily true.  You can live a "relatively" normal life, but you can't live a normal life as someone who didn't have asthma would.

I suppose "normal" would vary from one person to another.  Normal to me is not going to hunting camp with every other guy.  Normal to me is making my poor wife cut the grass.  Normal for me is letting my wife cleaning the basement while I do the dishes.  

Normal for me is suffering from heartburn all day because I had to be put on prednisone and it always gives me heartburn.  I think it gives me heartburn more so because prednisone makes me want to eat all the time.  And then when I give in and eat I get heartburn.  

However, thanks to my giving in and taking time off, and thanks to prednisone, my asthma is better.  I didn't have to break my streak of not needing an ER.  That, I think, is a good thing.  And, most important, I'm still alive.  I'm still able to get hugs and kisses from my kids.  I'm still able to be a slave to my kids, if you know what I mean.

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