Saturday, April 28, 2012

Asthma sympathy

In a way asthma is both a burden and a blessing.  It's a burden for obvious reasons.  It's a burden because you have to admit you have it and make the necessary adjustments in your lifestyle.  It's a burden because you have to admit you are not normal.

It's a blessing because when you're having trouble you realize how great a friends you have.  My coworkers refused to let me take the ER, which can be very taxing on most days.  They made me take the medical/ surgical floors and do just regular treatments.  

When I couldn't get into my doctor's office to see him, I caught up with my doctor and he made it so I was seen.  That's what I call your good neighborhood doctor.  Some people say he's not such a good doctor, but as far as I'm concerned he's a champ in my book.

Surely it's a burden that I had to take a week off from my workouts, but it's a blessing that my wife and kids were understanding and made it so I could take it easy for a while.  It actually got to the point I was getting bored. 

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