Sunday, August 26, 2012

The four asthmatics

There once was one asthmatic, now there are four.  It's official now that three of my four children now have asthma.  This lifelong asthmatic has successfully transferred his asthma genes to three of his children.  

My two-year-old has had eczema since birth, so it was only a matter of time before the asthma struck.  And the retractions were noticed right away this time.  Instead of waiting, we called the doctor right away and got the oral steroids ordered.  Breathing treatments of Albuterol were given every two to three hours until the steroids took effect.  Then all was well.

It was kind of funny (well, not really) when my kids were lined up and I had to listen to them with my stethoscope one after another.  All three were wheezing.  I had to take turns giving them breathing treatments, and washing the equipment between nebs so not to share germs (one of my these kids also has mono).  

So later in the day all my kids are on the swing set and the dad decides to rake the acorns (all 3 billion of them) from the backyard.  All the dust that billowed up and now the dad has to wait in line for his turn at the nebulizer.  Yep, we now have four asthmatics in this house.  

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