Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do people hate asthmatics?

Sometimes I wonder if the good folks over at the FDA and EPA hate asthmatics.  They forced many good asthma medicines off the market with the Montreal Protocol, and they scared doctors into no longer prescribing other medicines that work great for some asthmatics when used as prescribed.

Personally I never cared for Intal, although I know of many asthmatics who got along great with the medicine.  Too bad!  It's been taken off the market  Theophylline is no longer a top line asthma medicine, but at least it's still on the market.  But that doesn't matter, doctors are so scared to use it (even though it was safely used for many years).

The FDA has put so many warnings on Advair that my doctor has been trying to convince me to use Symbicort for five years now.  The problem is that Advair works just fine, and I've used it safely since 2003.  It's the first medicine to really allow me to control my asthma. 

The problem with Symbicort is it makes me feel as though I have an electric volt running through my body.  Symbicort works great, even better than Advair, yet I'm not willing to put up with that side effect.  It's a great option (something the Fed doesn't like I presume) for asthmatics, although not a good option for me.  

The Montreal Protocol has caused a spike in asthma medicines that has made them too expensive for most asthmatics.  I can honestly tell you that about 80 percent of the asthmatics I see daily in the emergency room are asthmatics who can't afford their asthma prescriptions they already have.

I have no problem with the Montreal Protocol.  I have no problem with making an effort to protect nature.  Yet I do have a problem when those making decisions put nature over people.  
As you can see from my list here, I place people over nature.  It seems the Fed has priorities reversed.  

To be honest, I think HFA inhalers work better than CFC inhalers.  Science has proven it's equally effective and even gets deeper into the lungs for better distribution of the medicine.  It's even better than DPIs, which is why Advair recently came out with an inhaler  

Yet I see no reason why options can't be left on the table for asthmatics, options that would also keep prices down so asthmatics can get the control that is possible if they are on these medicines.  As it is, it appears many folks love their planet before the God fearing people who live on it.  

So, my question is:  Do people hate asthmatics?  

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