Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy Labor Day (and back on the health train)

If you go to just about any asthma blog, or listen to any asthma expert, you'll see how important it is to exercise when you have asthma.  It's important to keep your body in tip top shape in order to control the asthma beast.  

So the way I'm celebrating Labor Day this year is by getting back into the routine of a good diet and exercise.  My wife even came home from work this morning with donuts, and your humble writer here resisted the urge.  

It's normal for me to take off the month of August because it gets so hot and humid, although this year the hot and humid came in July, so that resulted in two months off.  So while I usually wait until October to start eating right and working out, this year I'm forced to do it right now.

Yes, I mean forced.  I see here that I'm not the only one who takes off time from a workout with "no good reason."  It's just amazing how you can work out for three months to lose weight and get in tip top shape, and in as little as one month you can lose it all, or lose the muscle and gain the fat back.  


  1. Hey Rick, thanks for the plug! :] ROUTINE is the key here! It is about really just incorporating exercise and nutrition into your days like brushing your teeth, taking your meds, and checking e-mails -- even if it takes a bit longer :].

    I, on the other hand, have not been doing such a good job resisting the donuts [I walked 10K yesterday, though!]. Starting fresh tomorrow: fresh school year, fresh work year, and fresh desire to roll with the Good Things! :]