Saturday, October 20, 2012

4 ways to cure baby blues when you have asthmatic kids

I have really good kids.  Generally speaking, through most of the day they are happy and go about their way, playing all day, without placing much demand on their parents.  Now, when they get ornery, as with most parents, we generally ask three questions:
  1. Are diapers dry (for the baby anyway)
  2. Are they hungry?
  3. Are they tired?
I think those three questions are true for most kids.  Yet I've decided this morning that in my household I have to add another question to this list:
  1. Are they breathing okay?
Yes, three of my kids have asthma.  And asthma has a tendency to cause personality changes in kids.  It causes mood changes.  It cause anxiety, stress, and crying.  It causes grumpiness in older kids.  These signs can often be improved by a simple Albuterol breathing treatment.

So, if you have a child with asthma, or you have a family history of such, consider the following list when your child is fussy:
  1. Are diapers dry
  2. Are they hungry
  3. Are they tired
  4. Are they breathing okay?

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