Sunday, October 28, 2012

Severe and Complex allergy Syndrome (SCAS)

I think most people forget that there's more to asthma than just asthma.  I get people emailing me all the time saying stuff like: You know, if you're using your inhaler more than 2 times in a two week period you don't have asthma control."  I'd like to take those people and smack them right up alongside the face.  Ha, that actually felt good saying.  

Seriously, folks, I think that many people get caught in the flux that all cases of asthma are the same, and they aren't.  I think the asthma guidelines, which created the above definition of control, were describing "pure asthma," or asthma not complicated with anything else.  

Yet most asthma is complicated.  Most asthmatics have something else.  For example, 75 percent of asthmatics have allergies.  When this happens you have extrinsic asthma.  That's what I have.  I have extrinsic asthma.  When I was a kid this was ignored.  Even at National Jewish Health I was diagnosed with "High Risk Asthma."  I think even that definition comes with a flaw.  It ignores the general cause of my asthma: allergies.  

My point of this post is I think most of my doctors ignore the fact that the main cause of my asthma is not asthma, it's allergies.  I think if I had pure asthma it would be generally controlled.  But those dog gone allergies pop up, and wham!!!  When there's a bad allergy season, which it has been the past year, wham!!!

So for the 9 year period from 2002 to 2010 my asthma was great.  But then it took a turn for the worse.  I told my doctor this, and his goal, up to this point, has been to increase my steroids.  Yes, I'm not on Advair 500, which is the severe asthma dose.  Surely this helps, but the asthma is still there, hovering over me like a Japanese suicide pilot on a WWI American Ship in the Atlantic.  

The best example I can give of this was back in 1995 I saw an allergist, and he said, "We're going to do some allergy testing on you."  I said, "No, I don't want to do that again.  All it does is make me itch like crazy because I'm allergic to everything."  He said, "No one is allergic to everything."  I said, "Well, I am."  He said, "No one is!"

Well, as he was performing the test, and as my back was itching like crazy, he said, "Well, I guess you were right.  You are allergic to EVERYTHING! Wow, I've never seen this before."  

So my last doctor had me trial Singulair.  On my own, and based on my own research, I decided to take Singulair and and Claritin every day to treat my allergies, or to try to allay the damage.  Yet my new doctor told me to quit taking Singulair because he hasn't seen it do any good.  Then Wham!!!  So I put myself back on the allergy medicine.  

I also told my doctor I can't clean my house, I can't mow the lawn, I can't go to hunting camp, and he said, "Why not?"  Yes, it's frustrating.  The thing is, my current doctor is the smartest doctor I've ever had, seriously.  He knows his stuff.  So when I told him I put myself back on Singulair, he said, "Okay, whatever works for you."  

"Well, I'm not saying it works for me at all.  I'm saying we asthmatics are stubborn, and when we perceive something's working we like to stick with it."  Still, the main reason I have severe asthma, I think, is because I have severe and complex allergy syndrome, a diagnosis I just made up.  It forces me to do this as opposed to normal things.  While I enjoy doing this, I don't think people understand that I'm not lazy, I just can't do those things.  And it's frustrating.  

It's also frustrating that it's nearly impossible to get people to understand allergies.  Just watching a show like iCarly where they keep making fun of the kids with allergies ads to my frustration.  We live in a society where allergy ridden people are freaks.  And this is funny since we live in a supposed anti-bullying society

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