Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1200 B.C.: The first healers

By 2,600 B.C. in Ancient Egypt you had three choices for the treatment of  your asthma-like symptoms.  You could seek out any of the following

1.  Physician:  They used rational cures to treat natural illnesses. They mostly used herbs and spices mixed in an array of formulas to treat diseases rationally.

2.  Sorcerer:  A person who practiced black magic.  He had an an ability to communicate with the spirits in order to rid your body of evil spirits or back magic.  Synonym:  witch, wizard, medicine man.  They used magic amulets, fetishes and talismans to prevent and treat diseases.  

3.  Priest:  A person who had the ability to communicate with the gods, or God, in order to keep them happy in order to prevent them from causing diseases or illness.  They used prayer or incantations to prevent illness and  to remedy diseases.

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