Sunday, December 09, 2012

I have asthma and allergies, not just asthma.

"I feel bad for you," my doctor said.

"I feel bad for myself," I said, smiling.

This was after I told my doctor I wasn't going to be able to go to hunting camp anymore.  He said, "How about if I just prescribe for you a steroid pack.  You can start taking it a few days before you go."

I said, "The problem with that is asthma is only half my problem."

"What do you mean," he said. 

"Well, it seems my doctors of the past always diagnose me with asthma.  They treat my symptoms of asthma.  Yet it's the allergies that mainly trigger my asthma.  If I could avoid my allergies, I could probably control my asthma."

"Oh," he said, as though he had never thought of that before.

"I do give you credit, though," I said.  "You were the first doctor to diagnose me with extrinsic asthma."

A year earlier he told me most of his patients said they had no benefit from Singulair, so he told me I could quit taking it.  After I did my asthma sucked.  I think quitting that medicine was part of my problem.  So since that visit I have not only taken a Singulair every day, but also a claratin.  

Since then my allergies and my asthma have been controlled.  So, I want all my readers to know that for now on I am going to link asthma and allergies together.  I will no longer refer to my disease as asthma.  From now on it will either be allergies and asthma, or extrinsic asthma.  

Yet, to make my point more clear, I think I'll just say: I have severe allergies and severe, persistent asthma.  I have allergies and asthma.  I also believe it's this combination that make me a hardluck asthmatic.  

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  1. Having both ailments is such a drag and I understand how you feel, Rick. I also feel bad for you when you weren't able to go to that hunting trip. The thing with asthma and allergies is that a lot of factors trigger them from a mere flower to an insect bite and the severity of its effect also varies. I hope you get rid of your asthma and allergies one day so you could enjoy the wilderness without worries.

    Mei Deere