Tuesday, June 03, 2014

1954: The DeVilbiss Pocket Nebulizer x

During the 1930s the DeVilbiss number 40 nebulizer could by found in the homes of many asthmatics.  It was a nice product that provided quick relief by the use of one or another epinephrine product (such as Asthma Nefrin, a.k.a., epinephrine).  

Chances are if you knew an asthmatic you probably saw one of these at one point or another.  Either one of these or a similar brand of glass nebulizer with rubber bulb syringe.  Either one of these or one or another brand of asthma powder.

Yet there were obvious flaws with the DeVilbiss No 40, such that it was made of glass and was fragile, and the aerosolized particles were too large for getting inhalents to the bronchi and alveoli.

This product was improved upon in the 1950s based on suggestions of doctors (and probably patients too) with the DeVilbiss Number 41 Pocket Nebulizer.  You can see a 1954 advertisement for the product here.  

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