Thursday, October 09, 2014

New Website:

Over the past several years I've been off on an adventure through time to learn about the history of asthma.  As time has permitted I have posted what I have learned on the pages of this blog.  

This project has been very exciting for me, and it is likewise exciting for me to announce that asthma history has become so big that I have decided to separate it from this Hardluck Asthma website. 

So the History of Asthma has finally moved up in the world and got its own site,

And it's -- well, you just go check it out. If you have asthma, or know someone that does, there's no better way to appreciate how good we have it than to learn about our past.

In the future I will no longer be posting this history on Hardluck Asthma.  The advantage of this is I will now be able to use this space for what I originally intended: to write about my experiences with asthma and as an asthma parent.  

So go check out Asthma History, and go back often, because each time I get back from a journey from the past I will report what I learned.  

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