Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The easy way to lose five pounds

So you have all these marketing campaigns to help people lose weight, and their advertisements say that they will give you your money back if you don't lose 5-6 pounds in the first week.  I have learned from my own personal experience that this is almost automatic.  If you are way overweight and you eat healthy for a week, you WILL lose at least five pounds. 

Technically speaking, if you don't lose five pounds in a week and you think you are eating healthy, then you probably aren't eating healthy. If you don't lose weight, it's your own fault -- so you shouldn't get your money back.  But it's a gimmick, you see.

Just to give an example, six days ago I wrote about my challenge for the remainder of 2015 to do the John for Life program.  This past week I have been busting my butt to do as much physical activity that I can, and I haven't even given 100% effort in any one of my workouts. Plus I have had more than the recommended cheat meals, and I have had a couple whiskey and cokes two of the past six days.  

However, other than that, most of my meals have been of the healthy variety.  I eat a small meal of a protein and a carbohydrate every 2-3 hours.  If I work night shift, sometimes I eat every 2-3 hours for a 24 hour period.  

So you'd think I would have gained weight, right? Wrong!  Just as I planned, I have lost five pounds in the first weekj.  If I were doing one of those weight loss gimmicks, I would be out of luck.  Plus I would probably have to starve myself, which would result in me crashing and failing.

I have learned that you can lose weight while eating all the foods you love, so long as you do so responsibly. You ideally should exercise, but you should be aware of the fact that exercising has little to do with weight loss.

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