Monday, January 16, 2017

Why do we set goals anyway?

So, I have been talking about goals. Why do we set goals? Some people don't. Some people don't know any better. Some people are satisfied with where they are at. That's fine. I'm not. I'm never satisfied. And I don't think that's bad. 

I have this idea imbedded in my head that if I lose weight I will feel better. Actually, even if I don't accomplish my ultimate goal of weighing 170 pounds, it feels good trying. So, that in and of itself is the big picture isn't it? To be feel good. To be happy. 

So many of my friends keep saying, or implying, "I'm satisfied with myself." That's fine. But to me, I think they get happy confused with being satisfied. Are you really satisfied living in your body the way it is? Or are you just saying that so you feel better. 

I mean, I'm not judging others. I'm obese myself. Really. I am. If you look at the body fat chart, I'm a guy and my body fat is about 30%. This puts me in the above average section. Now, for those of you living in the political correct world, I'm just going to tell you that above average is a really nice way of saying that I am obese. I am overweight. I am fat. I mean, if you are going to tackle a problem, you ought to identify it for what it is. 

This brings me to another point. I do not try to lose weight to look good. I am married. I am in my 40s. I don't care what I look like anymore. No. That's not why I work out. I do it so I feel better. I do it because when you work out your body releases more endorphins into your bloodstream, and these are natural morphine-like proteins that make you feel better. I do it to feel good. I do it because I want to be happy. That, to me, is the big picture: to be happy. 

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