Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Asthma Past and Future

When I was growing up the lone asthmatic among four brothers with normal lungs, I was forced to explore the world in a unique way. Instead of just going with the flow and enjoying what life offers, I was forced to think, and to choose my own path.

I'm not implying people without asthma don't think, but when you are forced to sit in your room while your brothers are out in the woods hauling wood, you either read or you sulk. When you're up all night due to your asthma, you either think or you go insane. I'm not particularly fond of insanity, so thinking grabbed me.

I imagine that's how I found myself in the blogosphere writing about things most people choose to take for granted (like Freedom and air), or simply ignore (like history). Ah, history. So many of us just take do simply take it for granted or ignore it. Yet, without a firm grasp of the past, we are doomed to repeat it. What great historian came up with that famous line?

As I was lying awake, gasping for breath, trying to decide whether to wake my parents up (or how long to suffer before I woke them up?), I remember thinking about what life would be like before the puffer. What would it be like to have been Teddy Roosevelt and having to have your dad take you for a buggy ride just to get some fresh AIR.

So, starting soon on this blog, I will be exploring the asthma past, and eventually the asthma future. What was it like to live with asthma 1,000 years ago, and what will it be like 1000 years in the past? Ah, are you curious as I am?

When I first started writing about the history of asthma I could find nothing on the subject. After three years of surfing the net, and digging through dusty, musty library journals, I have found some very interesting information. In the coming days here on this blog, I will share my new wisdom.

Bare with me, as it will take me a little time to organize and make this history and interesting and pithy. As you may well know from my past posts about asthma's past, I like to make complex, lawyer-like material and make it simple.

Now, that said, March is chock full of medical renewal courses for your humble RT here, so writing will be sparse. But once that is done, check back here now and again for a spoonful of asthma history and future to go along with asthma wisdom.

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