Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Body for life and the greatest vacation ever

The first time I did the bodyforlife program to lose weight and get into shape was during the run-up to my Wedding which was to be on May 18, 2002. For this event, I ended up losing 35 pounds in less than 12 weeks. It was a major success. I went from 215 to 180.

So as I look over at our wedding picture, I'm looking great, and so is my wife. The problem with that diet was that after my wedding we went on a four day cruise where we left Miami on day #1, went to Key west, Cozumel, and then back to Miami. This was the best vacation of my life; of both of our lives.

One of the neat things about this cruise is everything was all inclusive, including the food. And food there was lots of it. There was food everywhere. There were buffets that were open 24-7, and then there were many restaurants, and also places for fancy dining.

I remember getting up one day and eating breakfast, having brunch and then lunch, and then lunch-dinner, then snack, then dinner, then after dinner snacks, then snack again, then snack again, and then midnight meal, and then getting back to our rooms and ordering room service just because it was available and it was free.

At about 1:30 a.m. my wife and I were startled by the sound of the door bell. Barely able to muster the strength, I got up and opened the door. "Yes!" I mumbled. A well groomed guy was carrying bags. "You ordered room service?"

"Ah!" I mumbled again. "Yeah, I guess we did." I shut the door, and turned to my wife, "Get up, honey! It's time to eat again."

She smiled. For the next hour we ate.

By the end of this glorious vacation I had gained 10 pounds. In retrospect, I would do it all over again. Only, if I did, I would get down to 170 pounds instead of 180.

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