Thursday, April 29, 2010

From fries and burgers to chicken and veggies

In high school I was a stick; a pathetic 150. I was likewise small and skinny in college. I remember being so hungry one Sunday in my dorm that I ordered a large pizza and ate the whole thing in one sitting, and was still hungry. Then I went to the store and got a 24 pack of beer and chugged it down with my friends. I did all this, and I never gained a pound.

I had the metabolism I yearn for right now. I had a meal plan that allowed me to go to the cafeteria any time I wanted, and I took full advantage of it. I was in the cafeteria after nearly every class, and meal times.

During the summers I worked at an A&W in Shoreline, Michigan, and when the boss wasn't looking I'd slip fries and burgers into my mouth. One day I bet I ate about 5-6 large boxes of fries, and 2-3 burgers, some cheese sticks, mushrooms and throw in a few other odds and ends. I bet I ended up eating thousands of calories per day when I worked there, and never gained a pound.

I played sports with my brothers, but, relatively speaking, didn't exercise any more than I do today. And I never gained a pound.

Of course it should be noted here I was a late developer. My dad was this way too, so I can't blame it entirely on the asthma. So I don't think I stopped growing until I was about 24. And, as you might guess, it was at the age of 24 where all this started to catch up to me. As is the case with most people, when I stopped growing up I started growing out.

Suddenly my friends noticed a gut, and teased me about it. Of course they had no right to judge, because there was a similar bulge on the front of them too. I think this is a part of life we all experience. We eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and never gain wait, and then we continue eating at the same pace, only to have it all of a sudden catch up with us.

Here is where you separate the dummies from the wise people. A wise person will notice that something is inherently wrong and try to stop it. I wasn't FAT by any means, I was merely very out of shape, winded, felt bloated all the time, and was a whopping 220 pounds. I felt miserable.

The final straw was in 1994 when my little brother got married and I felt miserable in that tux. Looking at pictures of me in at that wedding I don't even recognize myself. I see a pathetic moron with no self esteem who was fat. Well, I'll say I was fat because if you look at the body mass index calculator I was obese.

My asthma was bad too then. It really wasn't terrible, yet because I was so out of shape I got winded easy, and this irritated my already inflamed air passages. And considering I was going through one of my goofus asthma phases, my asthma was a bit out of control. I was using my rescue inhaler more often than I should.

Fast forward a few years to 1998. I waddled through RT school feeling fat. And now I'm working at Shoreline in the pool. And one of my best friends, Sammy (also an asthmatic, I never did write about her yet did I. Hmmm, note to self) finally talked me into joining her and other co-workers at the health club.

Initially I hated the idea. But soon I was no longer eating fast food every day but was eating chicken and veggies instead.

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  1. Funny thing: I'm a 23 year old female, and since I graduated high school, I've grown 4cm. You're pretty much the only person who I've learned about that had a similar thing happen I thought I might just be wierd (most people in my family have stopped growing by 17), but maybe it's a childhood steroids thing (or in my case, maybe it's a preemie thing).