Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The end of BFL round 1

On February 10 I started the body for life program. I committed myself to this workout schedule, where I have to FORCE myself to do 3 high intensity aerobic-cardio workouts to strengthen my heart and lungs and lower my resting heart rate. It also includes high intensity resistance training three times a week.

This also includes a diet which you can see here. The diet actually works perfect for me considering instead of eating 3 large meals a day you eat 5-6 small portion meals 2-3 hours apart. Plus you get one free day where you get to eat whatever you want, including banana splits, payday candy bars, Butterfingers blizzards from dairy queen, or whatever you've been craving all week.

As I wrote before, I don't really consider this a diet, just a lifestyle. The first few weeks were the toughest because I had to get used to the new routine. Because I was so out of shape, so winded with exertion, and so pathetic, it actually took me about a month to really get into the flow of doing the workouts.

Plus, considering my wife and I are pregnant, and we have lots of traveling with the kids in soccer, gymnastics, band, chorus, etc, there were many days we had to go to restaurants. And you know my rule for going to McDonald's: Big Mac, fries and a large Coke and enjoy every last drop of fat.

So, the 12 week program ended last Sunday for me. While in the past I've lost 20-40 pounds on this program, I only lost 13 this time. Ten of those pounds were in the first month, and the last three at the end.

I actually hit a rut the past two months of the program, but unlike the past, I didn't quit. Sure there were weekends where I spread my free day to 2 and even three days, yet I never lost site of the overall picture -- lifestyle. Plus, in the past when I gave up everything, and lost all that weight fast, all it resulted in was eventually gaining the weight back.

So last week, since it was week 12, I decided to take the week off, considering I was planning on starting a new 12 week program this week. I took Wednesday through Sunday off, ate bad and did not exercise.

This morning I weighed myself to see what the damage was, and I lost three more pounds. Funny how that works, eat like crap, sit around, and lost three pounds. Yet, since I stuck to the program so well, my metabolism was still working like crazy. My body was probably so used to my program that it had learned to store fat instead of burn it.

So, as the wisdom goes, sometimes you have to eat more to lose weight. Sometimes you need to stop exercising, or change your routine in some way to TRICK your body.

Now I think I'm in good shape to start the program anew. I've been studying Hussman's tips to success. I don't stick to all the tips, as common sense won't allow that to happen. As you know, in order for a program to work you have to stick to it. And to stick to a program you can't give up all the things you enjoy, which includes food and fun.

So BFL round one has ended. I didn't lose as much weight as I might have expected, although I feel great and and, after taking a week off, am ready to get back at it again. There's going to be bad days, such as when I go to Mackinac Island next month.

Yet I won't let myself lose sight of the big picture.

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