Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Burnout!! Time for vacation

I have some empathy for all those whiners on the Biggest Loser as I've been putting myself through a rigorous routine of working out the past few weeks in preparation for final weigh-in for the biggest loser competition we've been having at work.

Today I put myself through my own version of the last chance workout, where when I got done I was so worn out I could hardly move my arms to wash myself. That was a great workout, and perhaps my best ever. Hopefully it shows on the scale tomorrow. Yet, even if it doesn't, I'm happy with the results.

After I weight in I'm going to take three days off. I'm going to Mackinac City (no not to the island) with my wife and kids for vacation, and I'm not going to think about exercise and diet. I'm going to eat and drink and not exercise all I want. Then when I get back I'll get back on the train.

It's kind of a lifestyle I'm trying to maintain here, so I think days off are good. If you go to long not doing the things you enjoy you're going to set yourself up for the inevitable crash, and I don't want that to happen this time (it's happened many times before).

As I've written before, when an asthmatic is going on vacation he can't just walk out the door and leave. He has to plan ahead. So the Advair is packed and so is the box of generic Claritin and benadryl . These are must packs to PREVENT the inevitable allergens that hide in hotel rooms from irritating my allergies and asthma.

Oh, and definitely the Albuterol inhaler. Even now, the day before, bronchodilator anxiety is setting in. I've checked about 10 times to make sure my inhalers were where I put them. And, I know, once I get in the car I'll check my pockets. It's insanity. It's like my obsessive compulsion.

We're probably not going to have ideal weather for this time of year, but so long as it doesn't rain we will all be happy. And, regardless -- even if I have to sit in a hotel room for three days -- this RT will come back fully refreshed, and hopefully with a few blog ideas.

Burned out from working out too hard and working too hard. I've been running every day, rain or shine. And now I'm paying for it.

So, for sanity purposes, I'm outa here -- tomorrow.

See ya!!

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