Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Just this once I'm going to gloat

If you're going to set a goal, you might as well work hard at it. I've seen many of my co-workers and friends get vexed that they haven't been losing weight, yet when you ask them about their diet and exercise you can tell right away the reason.

Basically, there is one sure way to lose weight, and that is to work hard. The most important step is diet. If you put in less fuel than your body uses, you'll lose weight. If you add muscle, your metabolism rate will increase, and this will help you lose weight faster. If you do both, you're sure to lose weight.

The bottom line is: you have to change your diet and exercise routine. You have to change something. You certainly aren't going to wish your weight away. That's what I think some people do. They try to wish it away. Fat chance.

Yet as a few of my coworkers have whined recently: "Why are you losing weight and we aren't. It's because you're a guy," or, "It's because you got more time."

Wrong! It's because I make an effort. I work hard. I give 110% to my goal. And I don't let little minor set backs cause me to quit. I have weak moments where I can't help but to eat that cookie or cake or whatever, yet once that's done and fully enjoyed I move on and get back on the train and keep on a rolling.

Yet I never say that, except to my few closest friends. Most people who complain to me get a simple, "Well, that stinks." Yet, what I won't give them is the old," well, maybe you're just at your natural weight," which is what I think some of them want. I don't give out sympathy. I don't because I worked my ass off to finally get down to 189.4, which is what I weighted in at today.

And, I'm sorry, yet as I stepped on the scale, thinking of that 210 that I weighed in as on April 4, 2010, I couldn't help to think, as I saw the scale tip out at 189.4: Woo Hoo!

No sympathy for winy butts here, and no gloating either. Your humble RT and fellow asthmatic knows as well as the next kid in town that what one works arduously to obtain can disappear in a heartbeat if one isn't careful.

So, since I can't gloat in the real world, since I'm forced to be humble, just this once I'm going to gloat: WOO HOO! I won't do it again.

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