Saturday, July 31, 2010

It appears mosquitos love asthma blood

My 1 YO baby had a large mosquito bite on her back, and so I humbly got out the bug spray and sprayed her little body to prevent any further damage. Moments later I noticed I was wheezing and a little tight.

This brought back a memory of many bug bites on my legs. I remember I used to get more than most other kids. I'd be up all night itching away, and by morning I'd have scarred up legs. Usually by the time school started in the fall I was glad there was a no shorts policy at our school.

I remember how there could be 20 people sitting around a camp fire, and all the mosquitos would be around me. Sometimes I could see a dark, swarming cloud of the little annoying pests over my head. They loved me, or at least my blood, and I hated them. I kept swatting and they kept biting. Yet I stayed outside because I was a kid, and loved the outside. I wanted to be like a normal person, and hang out where the fun was.

Yet I remember my mom and dad not allowing me to use bug spray because if I used it I usually had trouble breathing. I don't know if it was the smell or something in the spray itself. So there was actually a double edged sword per se, where if I used the spray the bugs didn't get me but I had trouble breathing. And if I didn't use it the bugs got me and I could breathe.

And it seemed that for some reason, even if no one used bug spray, the bugs just seemed to swarm around me. I don't know why this was. Perhaps they loved asthmatic blood better than normal blood.

As an adult this doesn't happen so much. Now I can use bug spray most of the time and it doesn't bother me. I suppose this could be because my air passages are larger, yet I bet it's also because modern wisdom has allowed me to obtain better asthma control.

The neat thing about my episode last night was I never had to use my rescue inhaler. I simply waited it out, and the long acting beta adrenergic I obtained from using Advair earlier in the day did the job. It's neat how that works. It never was like that in years past.

I never really thought of it when I was a kid, how much asthma effected my life. I never realized how tough of a kid I was, being willing to tough out another asthma attack just so I could be normal and hang with my relatives and friends.

The asthma never stopped me, and neither did the bugs -- bug spray or not.

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