Sunday, July 11, 2010

Strabismus: Day 7-10

If you thought the redness, swelling and itchiness would be gone by day 10, you guessed wrong. However, over the past four days the irritation has progressively improved. I am now to the point I can actually keep both eyes open during the day, although vision is still blurred in the operated on eye.

I actually had to skip several of my children's baseball games, even though I figured by now I'd be able to go. I missed both due to windiness and blowing sand. This is also the main reason I find I'm unable to go to the beach.

When I had this surgery when I was 15 I remember being told to avoid getting your eye wet by swimming for at least a couple months, yet my doctor told me this time on more than one occasion he only wanted me to keep my eye dry for a week. However, I feel much more comfortable not swimming, and not getting my eye wet. Maybe there's been some research that shows it's okay, but until I see it first hand, I'm not swimming.

I still find myself with the urge to rub my eyes, something I'm prone to habitually do anyway due to chronic allergies. And I can't wait until I can rub my eyes at will again.

So everything's pretty much back to normal otherwise. The asthma is considerably good considering the high heat and humidity, the constant sound of lawnmowers, and the pollen of summer.

Tomorrow I get to go back to work, and I'm looking forward to it actually. I imagine I'll be getting a lot of looks and questions about my red eye.


August 28, 2010: By about the three week mark the itching is pretty much gone. The eye feels relatively normal. I'm still tentative to touch or rub it though.

August 19, 2010: Saw the eye doctor today. He said everything looks good, including alignment, and he expects the eye to be good for another 30-40 years. He said there is still some redness and swelling, although minor. He also noted my healing process will take a little longer due to all the eye repair I've had in the past. No big deal. Feeling good. It's really neat as I navigate through life with my new vision. The surgery was definitely worth it.

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