Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Strabismus surgery day #6

Ah, if day #1 was the worse for having strabismus surgery, day #6 was the second worse. By now I'm feeling no pain, yet the itching in my eye is downright terrible. The worse part about the itching is it feels as though there are little bugs in there trying to get at my brain through my eyeball.

Although I saw my doctor today and he insisted the surgery was a success. My vision is still blurred in my right eye, but he insists as the inflammation goes down the itching will subside and my vision will be good as ever. His optimism was repeated by the eye muscle specialist.

So instead of having me use antibiotic eye drops, from now on it's prednisolone eye drops. Yes, good old steroids work to reduce inflammation just about anywhere in the body, and for me not only do I take inhaled steroids, it's eye steroids too. Only for the case of my eyes, it's only temporary.

After the 3 hour round trip to my opthamologist's office my eye was so itchy I had to start rubbing my left eye just so I could rub something. That's probably the worse part about having an itchy eye post strabismus surgery is you can't touch the eye. I also have allergies, so that probably doesn't help either.

So there really isn't much you can do for itchy eye. My doctor said the steroids should help, although it will probably take a day or two. We often say in the medical field things can seem to get worse before they get better, and day #6 post strabismus surgery might just be that "worse" they are talking about.

From here on out I'm expecting a downhill ride. The irritation was so bad that I couldn't think, so I popped a couple vicodin pills I had left over hoping it would at least allow me to get through the rest of the day. I'd say it worked.

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