Monday, October 11, 2010

Asthma history: 1981 (stomach)

I will get to this in more detail in a later post, but the asthma experts of the 19th century noticed that asthma was often worse after eating large meals. Therefore one of the leading asthma remedies was epicac, which induced vomiting.

Yes it is true eating large meals may cause asthma. Even back in 1981, as noted in my handout, "Learning about asthma," I was given upon my NJH visit in 1985. The following was the wisdom provided about nutrition. Of course prior to this was the lecture about exercise, and much of the wisdom is the same as is taught today.

Anyway, here it is:

II. Nutrition

A. Importance of eating three well-ballanced meals for all people

B. Breakfast should not be skipped -- may be most important meal for all children, especially if child takes morning medications. (helps to coat stomach so meds won't irritate stomach lining)

C. Be aware of food allergies and learn to avoid contact with food allergens. (Sometimes allergic foods are hidden in food recipes, so know what goes into what you eat. For example, many cookies and cakes can contain things like peanut derivitives or peanus oil no readily obvious -- ALWAYS ASK!

D. Avoid becomeing overweight*

  1. Carrying extra weight is an extra burned for all organs, especially lungs and heart. Asthma meds like adrenalin already put a strain on the heart.
  2. Overeating can make breathing mroe difficult due to stomach pressure on diaphragm. Should be avoided.

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