Thursday, January 06, 2011

A kid a cure for asthma

I think a good cure for asthma is to have a baby. I'm serious. Ever since my 4th child was born 5 months ago my asthma has been perfect, and I have rarely used my Ventolin. Interesting hey?

The reason, I think, is because I haven't been able to involve myself in any projects. I haven't been able to finish my remodeling project in the basement. And Lord knows those little projects rummage up the dust.

I suppose another cure for asthma is snow. With snow all the outdoor allergens are covered up. Plus with snow and little kids, you don't get outside much. So even if you have exercise induced asthma (an allergy to the cold of sorts), you don't get out much.

So in that sense, babies and kids and snow are good for asthma. The problem with kids falls more along the lines of mental stimulation. Yes it's true that we parents yearn for an adult to talk with, or a day away -- or something like Calgon to take us away.

This goes along the lines of what I've written about before, that allergy avoidance is key to good asthma control, it's very hard to do. HEPA filters are expensive. Reading dusty books is fun. And nobody else is going to clean YOUR basement.

However, since my little one has been born, my basement hasn't seen the light of my eyes except when I've been working out. The mess down there has gone untouched. And, quite frankly, that is good for my asthma.

It's bad for my mental well being per se, yet very good for my asthma.

So, I suppose I'm implying if you need a good excuse to stay away from your asthma triggers, have a kid.

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