Sunday, January 09, 2011

The 2011 exercise routine

I started doing the Body-For-Life program again. I actually started it as my 2010 resolution, and I lost 20 pounds doing this program while also participating in a Biggest Loser competition at work. By summer 2010 I was 188 pounds and feeling great.

Yet then I had strabismus surgery and had to quit. Then I had another minor surgery, and had to quit again. So as of today I'm 201 pounds. To be honest that's actually pretty good, especially considering I've been lifting weights on a regular basis the best I can. I didn't want to quit completely because I didn't want to lose every thing I gained.

Of course I should also mention here that I lost those 20 pounds last spring when my wife was pregnant. I had to do that because the time we had a child before that (in 2008) I gained weight with my wife. By the time Helana was born I was up to 210 pounds and was winded all the time mainly due to being out of shape (asthma under good control).

So now my goal this year is to get back into shape and stay there. Repeat: I want to get in shape and stay there. This year I think I can obtain that goal because I see no scheduled vacations in until next summer, and no holidays, and no planned surgeries.

I've been doing the BFL on and off since July of 2001. I actually lost 30 pounds doing this so I looked great for my wedding in 2002. Of course then we went on a cruise and had KK, and I gained it all back and some.

Then I did it again, and got down close to 170 pounds. That's significant, considering my starting weight was 215. Yet we had Helana and most recently Myles in August 2010. Myles didn't cause me to gain weight because I did the BFL while he was in the oven, yet as soon as he popped out it was very stressful around the house, and the weight came back -- although not all of it.

Like I said, I have continued to work out as best I can. In fact, at one point I was down to 188. Yet when you're married with children, your family comes first. Many workouts had to be put on hold.

Yet here I am again at 201 again. This is a roller coaster I plan to end right now. I definitely don't want to get up to 210 where I started. I can tell when I start to gain weight, because I get winded. My asthma starts to get worse.

The goal this time is to get all the way down to 170. I know I can do it. It just takes motivation.
The hardest part is the first two weeks. I know that from experience. Once those two weeks are up it's all down hill from there.

Another thing I'd like to note is I do the BFL completely on my own. I don't use any supplements, and I don't keep track of anything.

I know that's not recommended, yet I suck at record keeping stuff. I like to just eat things that are "relatively" good every 2-3 hours and work out once a day, trying to push to my limits.

I have a very supportive wife who hopefully will do this with me again this time. Either way, she cooks healthy food just for me that fits into the BFL mode quite well (although sometimes we cheat a little).

Likewise, I do not participate in the competition. I should, but I don't.

I also know that if you're 5'8" and 200 pounds you won't have a six pack when you are done. So, to make yourself look like the pics on the main page of BFL and the BFL book, you'll probably have to be under 20% body fat when you start. This means you'll have to do the BFL 12 week program 2-3 times in a row.

I'm realistic: there will be no six pack for me. The goal is to reach a healthy weight and stay their and to have good asthma control.

So my goal this time around is to stick with this WAY past the first 12 week cycle. However, I'm realistic. Having kids and working as a full time RT provides stress. So I'm realistic to the fact that I'll probably get pulled away for a week or two from time to time. They key, though, is to get back in to the routine as soon as you can, and not let the weeks off be a set back.

I also work night shifts once a week. This is a challenge not addressed in the BFL book nor anywhere on this site that I can see. When I work nights I basically eat every 2-3 hours while I'm awake, even if this amounts to more than 6 meals in a day. It works -- trust me.

Look, my asthma was so bad when I was a kid I wasn't even allowed to participate in gym class, and now I run 3-4 miles 3-4 times a week during the summer. This is a result of modern asthma wisdom and modern asthma medicines (Advair and Singulair).

For motivation and support I thought about starting a blog on the BFL website, yet then I decided why bother with that when I already have this space created with friends already attached.

I've noticed that many lung bloggers have a secondary focus on their blogs about some exercise routine they participate in. Mostly it's running or jogging or simply walking.

So here we go. I encourage you to join me -- us.

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  1. On the note of many of us lung bloggers blogging about exercise, even though you say you suck at keeping track of stuff, you should totally try joining us on for workout logging. We cheer each other on and stuff :).
    If you do, add me as a friend!

    Best of luck on the fitness/nutrition progress this year! :D