Thursday, January 13, 2011

The six pack deception

I could call it a lie, yet I think deception is a better word. While I do endorse the Body For Life program and any other program that encourages and teaches people to get in shape, I don't endorse the "deception" that if you complete the 12 week course you'll have a perfect body with a six pack.

If you google Body For Life, if you look at the pictures in the book, if you watch commercials or read articles about other weight loss programs, you'll see that all of them (or most anyway) use people who have six pack figures. The idea here is to convince you that this is what you will end up with.

Actually, the bottom line is to get you to buy their product. The nice thing about the BFL program is that you don't HAVE to buy anything. They want you to, but you don't HAVE to. And I don't. I do the program, and I buy not one thing from the company. I didn't even buy the book.

If you read the BFL book by Bill Phillips you'll get a good feeling for how to lose weight. I would say that 90% of the book is 100% true. The problem is that when you finish the book you also think you will have that six pack. The truth is: that is not true for most of us.

You will lose weight if you do the program. You will lose weight anytime you limit your intake. Likewise, you will gain muscle when you do the program. You will gain muscle any time you lift weights.

However, to end the 12 week program with a six pack (according to John Hussman), you have to start the program with less than 24% body fat. Oh, hold on, there's more. To end up with "THAT" perfect body, you will have to:
  1. Start with less than 24% body fat
  2. Not really take free days where you eat whatever you want
  3. Have to do more than one 12 week session if you are greater than 24% body fat
  4. Do more than 20 minutes of cardio three days a week
  5. Maybe even do more weight lifting than what is in the book

I would imagine there are some exceptions. Some people have good genetics that might allow them to achieve the perfect body quicker. Some people also have youth on their side.

Yet most of us don't have the time nor energy to dedicate more than what is mentioned in the book. The whole idea of the BFL book is to show us a program that allows us busy people to achieve a healthy body in 45 minutes or less each day, in 12 weeks or less.

Again, I would endorse any program you do to get healthy. However, I would highly recommend you not spend any money. I would recommend you purchase no products other than the equipment you need to get in shape, such as a treadmill, stationary bike, regular bike, weight equipment, etc.

You can get a six pack if you put your mind and soul into it. However, a more realistic goal is to get healthy and stay that way.

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