Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free days

Today was a perfect example of what I wrote yesterday: that you have to tweak your workout to fit your life. With the power out for several hours today I was unable to sleep. Of course you know in today's high tech world you need electricity to power a good sleep. You have to plug yourself in.

So by the time I fell back to sleep time didn't allow for a workout. No sweat, because the BFL program allows for a free day. Ideally you're "supposed" to workout Monday through Saturday and take your free day on Sunday, however with a life, I find it better to tweak my free day in to two different days.

A free day involves two things:

  1. No exercise
  2. No diet (eat whatever you want)
Usually there is one day during the course of the week where you simply do not have time to work out, like today for example. However, there are often days when the kids have school programs or an ice cream social or a birthday party or reunion or Christmas or Thanksgiving or something along those lines.

So if one of those things are coming up I'll schedule that day to be my free day from eating. So, as you can see, I try to take my free day from eating and exercising all in one. Yet quite often I find it better to split it up. One day is free from exercise, and another day free from diet.

Some people might frown on this, yet it works for my life great. This is especially important because I normally work days Monday and Tuesday, so I do my Monday workout on Sunday and take Monday off from working out. This way I have quality time with the family after work Monday and before bed.

However, I like to take my free diet day on the weekends when something is going on, like football day during the NFL season.

So you see, it's better to tweak your workout program than to not do one at all. When it comes to keeping your body in shape there are no excuses...

  • even if you have asthma
  • even if you're married with children
  • even if you work too much
  • even if....

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