Wednesday, July 20, 2011

10 Reasons chronic lungers should work in a hospital

My dad recommended when I was in high school that I get a job working in a hospital.  He likewise recommended I become a respiratory therapist.  I heeded my dads advice, but didn't go to school to be an RT until I was 25 only because I was afraid I'd fail chemistry.

Yet working in a hospital sure has it's advantages when you're an asthmatic, or if you have any lung disease for that matter.  So, listed here are the advantages of working in a hospital if you have a lung disease:

1.  You become better educated about your disease
2.  You have access to all the best medicine
3.  You work with doctors and nurses who can treat you if you're ill
4.  Nurses can suck the excess wax out of your ear
5.  Observant nurses can observe that your asthma is acting up and that you need help
6.  Air conditioning
7.  Clean and safe work
8.  You can rest often
9.  You get to hang out with other patients with similar diseases
10.  You can take treatments at work

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