Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ear wax and infections

It's seems as though the asthma body leads us from one ailment to another.  If it's not asthma its hay fever.  If it's not hay fever it's a wandering eye.  If it's not burning flat feet it's a headache due to sinus problems.  If it's not that it's an ear ache and a sense of fullness in an ear or two.

That was my most recent problem.  My right ear has felt full the past several months.  I actually saw my doctor a couple weeks ago and that was the only day my ear wasn't bothering me, and for some reason he didn't check my nose and ears.  

Yet yesterday my ear totally plugged off, a headache raged through my head, and the ringing was terribly annoying.  Plus I was working.  Then I decided I couldn't stand it no more so I wandered down to the ER clinic room and asked a PA if she'd do me a favor and check my ears.

I have a history of wax buildup in my ears, and I have a history of ear infections too.  Yes, I know otitis media is a disease that kids get, but I get it too.  I remember as a kid getting ear aches so bad I couldn't stand.  I don't have that problem any more, yet the sense of fullness is equally annoying.

A few years ago an ER doctor found that I had an ear infection and gave me a prescription of antibiotics.  It's nice to have doctor friends this way.  This time, however, the PA said I had an impaction in my.  She asked a nurse to flush my ear pro bono.  Yes, it's nice to work in a hospital sometimes.  

Walking back to the RT cave I could hear sounds I didn't even know existed, and that I didn't hear on the way to the ER clinic.  It was so nice to have my hearing back.

All she did really was flush my ears out with warm water.  She put the warm water into a syringe and squirted it into my ear.  It felt funny but good.  The excess water dripped into a basin.  It's probably a remedy you could do yourself at home.  

Yet I suppose so long as I have access to such good friends at work why would I need to do such a thing myself. Yes, working in a hospital is nice.  

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