Wednesday, November 02, 2011

My asthma TV show

In my dream world my characters Joe Goofus and Jake Gallant will be the stars of a new cartoon aptly titled Hardluck Asthma: The adventures of Joe Goofus and Jake Gallant.

It will be both a fun and educational cartoon on Nickelodeon featuring the voices of Michael J. Fox and Jake Gallant and yours truly as the voice of Joe Goofus.  I figured most of us are more realistically goofus asthmatics, and therefore I insisted on being the asthma goofus.

The cartoon features the two contrasting characters, both boys, who both have hardluck asthma.  The premise of the cartoon is one or both of the boys faces an obstacle regarding his asthma, and goofus usually makes some decision that gets him into trouble.  Sometimes the decision is irresponsible, yet quite often it's doing something that any normal kid might do.

Jake Gallant usually makes the "perfect" decision, although he still has trouble with his asthma.  In the cartoon he usually takes on the role of trying to help Joe decide what to do when he faces his consequences of his decisions, such as the decision to rake leaves or to go to hunting camp with his dad even though he knows both those things usually lead to an asthma attack.

In my favorite episode Joe Goofus has a test at school, and in order to not have to take the test he doesn't take his controller medicines for a week and runs outside in the cold.  In this way he becomes the Actor Asthmatic, or the asthmatics who fakes his asthma our of convenience.

Jake Gallant and Joe Goofus primary function is to teach children that they are not alone in living with asthma, and teach them basic skills on how to live with this disease.  It also focuses on teaching kids what to do and what not to do in order to prevent asthma symptoms.

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