Friday, November 04, 2011

What happens after you press publish?

Your question:  So you've been blogging for a long time now.  You have more than three blogs you seem to keep up to date.  What do you do after you publish a post?  Do you tweet it immediately?  Do you continue to edit? Do you admire your work? 

My humble answer:  Great question.  First of all I think it should be known I write because I love to write.  I love my blogs because they are the few things in my life I feel I have complete control over (most of the time anyway).  Yet another interesting thing about the way I write blog posts is I rarely write the same day something is posted.  Usually I get in a writing mood one day a week, or two, or three.  It's on those days where I sit and write all the ideas that have piled up in my head.  Often during the course of the week I take notes as I'm working.  Sometimes I come up with ideas when taking a shower, or when I wake up in the night, and I take notes.  So one day a week I sit down and create posts.  Then I set them to be scheduled for a certain date. 

There is this sense of pride when I look at my blog and read my daily post.  I usually do reread it to make sure it's saying what I intend, although usually by the time it's published that job (and any editing) is completed.  Although quite often these days, in the hustle and bustle of life, I am too busy to get a chance to admire my work.  So you can see, for this reason mistakes may be made.  In essence, in this way, I may actually write something I might intend to one day take out so I don't get in trouble by what I say, or don't offend.  If I had an editor this would be his job. 

Another neat thing about blogging is many bloggers like to promote their blog posts through emails (spam), Facebook or Twitter.  I do some of this, but for the most part I like my writing to stand on it's own.  I believe if something I write is worth reading people will find it on their own. 

I love my blog and I'm proud of my work.  Usually I just leave it at that.

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